Ajala and the Magical Unicorn Ride

Ajala and the Magical Unicorn Ride

Ajala and the Magical Unicorn Ride
A story about finding Confidence, Creativity & Courage
Published by Shayo Bakare
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Have you ever had a bad day? Maybe you struggled with your homework, or messed up on a test, or had an issue with your friends. Did it make you feel like you weren’t yourself, no matter what you did?

Ajala is a lot like you! She has had a bad day. From forgetting her lines during play practice after school, to not standing up when another student was being bullied on the playground, Ajala just can’t seem to do anything right! It’s not a great feeling.

To top it off, Ajala takes a tumble in her bedroom and cracks the screen on her tablet. But just when she thinks it’s going to get worse, she notices something odd: a strange message has appeared on the screen. Little does she know that this message is the beginning of a journey that will change her life for the better! 

Ajala enters a world filled with beauty, color, and light – a world that is like nothing she has ever seen and yet feels just like home. In this place, called the Sanma Kingdom, Ajala meets a kind and helpful unicorn named Violet, and she even sees the stars come to life!

“We are here to remind children of the gifts they have inside them.” 

The most magical aspect of the beings that she meets is not that they can fly or sparkle, but that they know everything about Ajala. They know exactly what she is going through and what she needs to stand up and be herself again!

In the Sanma Kingdom, Ajala – and even you, the reader – will gain some of the most beautiful gifts there are. They are gifts that will stay with you wherever you go, even after you are whisked back to the real world.

“Promise us that you will not forget who you are and the gifts you have inside of you.”

As you read Ajala and the Magical Unicorn Ride, think about a time that you lacked courage, or confidence, or creativity. Did you feel hopeless, afraid, or maybe like you wanted to give up? Those troubling forces may feel powerful, but the magic that you and Ajala will find as you travel on the back of a unicorn is even stronger!

Go on an adventure that will fill your life with color and remind you of what is important. With beautiful illustrations that are both realistic enough to be familiar, and also colorful enough to inspire, young readers will be captivated by this universal story of power and beauty!

paperback | 40 pages | 9798985193213 | November 11, 2021